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PARESTech offers a comprehensive set of resources and tools to meet your technical needs. We offer contract technical and engineering resources to assist you in meeting your company's goals.

Our staff of experienced engineers, technicians and support personnel have the knowledge and application sense to propel your project onward to successful completion.

We can help you in completing the necessary technical tasks from ideation through production. Our staff has over 30 years of knowledge and leadership in engineering projects. We specialize in R&D projects and develoments that are not quite ready for production but need cost concious resources to get across the finish line.
Our application and design capabilities cross mutliple engineering and technical disciplines and our work has been sucessfully applied in diverse and challenging markets and industries: We become the extension of your company's technical tool box, and we can do it without bleeding off your profitability. We offer flexible service plans that are tailored to your budget constraints:

Contact us today and allow us to help make you a success.

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