Technical Services

Service Hourly Price (US $)
Mechanical Assembly $35
Mechanical CAD $25
Electrical Assembly $35
Electrical CAD $35
Hydraulic Assembly $35
Hydraulic CAD $25


Service Hourly Price (US $)
PLC $45
Python $55
Django $45
C++ $55
Web $55

Data Analytical Services

Service Hourly Price (US $)
Program-Data Collect $45
Program-Data Clean $45
Program-Data Visual $85
Program-Data Analysis $95

Engineering Services

Service Hourly Price (US $)
Mechanical Engineering $45
Electrical Engineering $55
Hydraulic Engineering $45

Program Simulation

Service Hourly Price (US $)
MatLAB $75
SimuLINK $55


  1. Hourly rates shown are based upon work being done in Lake Worth, Florida.

  2. All work done outside of Lake Worth, FL are subject to rate changes.

  3. Rates are subject to change without notice.

  4. Travel and Living Expenses are not included in hourly rate. Rate for travel from portal to portal is 50% of standard hourly rate.